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Studio Prose | A Message of Love

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Awakening to Love.

Tom had an awakening and was called to paint his visions, a message of love. As Tom paints he embraces the light. The light transforms not simply the canvas but the artist and the audience. It is alchemical - an evolution from matter to spirit, the conscious to the subconscious. Painting has inspired Tom to live his passion.

Tom paints in a sound chamber called the Starlit Hall, inspired by the vibration of the music and nature around him. The hall is painted as heaven and earth, the exquisite harmony of Creation.

Tom Boatright Studio Prose | Alchemy, Golden Age of Light

"We are the wayward stars lost in the darkness of the night. Show us the way by the brightness of your love, by the song of your prayers, by the faint whisper of your honeyed breath. Spice and myrrh, burial shroud reborn. I return.

I come in the morning with the light of the newest dawn. Together we will paint the world beautiful with the colors of the heavens. I am the rainbow song of creation. I am the golden morn. Awake, rise in your power. Breathe. Paint. Paint me into being.

I circulate in the coming of the sun to its zenith. I bask in glory. Ascending. Bright is my courage; fierce is my faith. Vibrant is my color. In my truth, I burn away that which impedes. I am the phoenix risen. I paint the golden light of the sun.

Drop the colors down and let them run across the canvas. Exalted creation. I illuminate the heavens as liquid light. Bask in their crystalline glow. Be still. Remember. In the darkness, the stars illuminate. The heavenly choir sings. Rejoice the golden dawn."

Tom was compelled to paint in 2008, having had a visionary and transformative experience and receiving this message, all at age 44. He emerged from that incident able to feel the emotion and energy of the world. His paintings convey that energy. The canvas is a platform for the energy to surface.

Tom's subject matter is the natural world and humanity. Tom paints en plein air outside his studio at the ponds of his beautiful nature preserve and in his studio - Starlit Hall. Created in a flow state of fluid consciousness, Tom's paintings are aesthetically beautiful but the power is in the light they imbue which is contained within his paints. His paintings are luminous.

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