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Tom Boatright Studio and Gallery


3449 Regal Park Lane SW, Olympia, WA 98512

Private tours available by appointment.

More information: (360) 349-5157

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Tom had an awakening and was called to paint his visions, a message of love. As Tom paints he embraces the light. The light transforms not simply the canvas but the artist and the audience. It is alchemical - an evolution from matter to spirit, the conscious to the subconscious. Painting has inspired Tom to live his passion. 

Tom and Anna have devoted their lives to this Universal energy. They welcome those that seek this energy of love and grace to their home, a nature preserve which honors the arts. They host camps and retreats as well as serving those marginalized in soceity. They have two nonprofits, Bowl of Hope, a local soup kitchen, and Earth Creative, artists uniting to exalt nature as Creation.



Clients are invited to tour Tom's studio and gallery in Olympia, Washington. Commissions are often reviewed on-site in the studio prior to shipping or mid-process.  


Tom paints in a sound chamber called the Starlit Hall, inspired by the vibration of the music and nature around him. The hall is painted as heaven and earth, the exquisite harmony of Creation.

LOVE is the life of the soul. It is the harmony of the Universe. 


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