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The exquisite freedom of creation. A soul's liberation. 

As Tom paints he embraces the energy that moves in him and allows him to create on the canvas. It is a collaboration, raw and refined. It transforms not simply the canvas but the artist and the audience. The experience is physical and psychological. It is alchemical - an evolution from matter to spirit, the conscious to the subconscious. It is an awakening.

The effect painting has had on Tom is profound. He was called to embrace the energy - to create. The energy has consumed him, transforming his life. He was able to walk away from what culturally had defined him and in the process liberate himself. His paintings are of freedom, honoring the natural world:

"I paint the visions I receive - the beauty of nature and humanity."


The synchronicity of it all

In detachment there is an element of allowing; it is faith in the synchronicity of life. The first art exposure Tom had was a local downtown Olympia art walk. He sold eight paintings. One was purchased by art collectors, Janice Lyons and Rick Ranum. They had an appreciation for his art and belief in his creative talent. He was offered a beautiful studio in seclusion on their property.


Ultimately Tom was called to move to the property with his wife, Anna, and their five children. He has an expansive studio and gallery. They have a retreat center where he paint en plein air at the lower pond. Anna has partnered with him, managing and promoting his art with their two oldest sons, Nate and Nick.  

The compulsion to paint was the product of Tom's desire to convey the energy that he experienced. He initially painted a traditional realism but rapidly evolved to a more fluid technique. Experimenting with the viscosity of the paint allowed for a collaborative process. It was raw and refined. It could be affected but not controlled. It was symbolic of life. It creates exquisite beauty if it is free.

THE GOLDEN PATH is the painting purchased by Janice Lyons and Rick Ranum, a catalyst for his art career. 

The painting

Janice Lyons and Rick Ranum, Art Collectors

"We are so grateful to have discovered Tom's work. We love the color and energy his paintings bring to our home. The paintings are enlivened as the light comes through the windows, changing the intensity throughout the day."

Michael Croman; American Landscape Painter

“Tom's paintings channel a deep creative force. The vibrance and depth of his paintings from the inception was powerful. He is experimental and free in his technique. ”