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Tom was compelled to paint in 2008, having had an angelic visitation. He emerged from that incident able to feel the emotion and energy of the world. His paintings convey that energy. The canvas is a platform for the energy to surface. The message was to paint with the beauty of the heavens, light. To infuse raw oils and resins with metals and luminescents. 


Tom creates artisan paints from raw oils, resins, pigments, and powders. The viscosity of the paint affects the tools Tom uses. The paint is scraped, rolled, sprayed, pulled, and dropped on the canvas. Tom’s technique is very experimental and fluid. His paintings are intended to be experiential. They are an invitation to the imagination – to go beneath the surface.

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DIVINE alchemy


We have worked with Tom on several commissions. He is wonderful to work with. We were able to envision several pieces for spaces in our home. They are more than beautiful, they have deep meaning for us.


Anne Simpson, Bellevue, Washington 

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Tom's art is a process that is embedded in the product. Multiple stages are layered on the canvas. The intention of the painting may be written on the canvas in words or symbols. An initial application of base colors is complimented with an abstract layer of metallic or thick oils. The composition is painted into the existing layers as a base form. In the depth and complexity is an invitation to the audience to see beneath the surface, to access the emotion and raw energy that compelled and created it. 



Tom uses his background in technology to create paints for each series. He adds metals and luminescence to raw oils and resins to produce an alchemical phenomenon. Tom creates vivid colors, organic textures, luxurious metals, and light refraction.


Tom initially painted a traditional realism but rapidly evolved to a more fluid technique. Experimenting with the viscosity of the paint allowed for a collaborative process. It was raw and refined. The process is intentional and emergent. It was symbolic of life; it has an exquisite beauty because it is free.

Tom's innovative method and diverse technique have received national recognition. His paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes and commercial spaces. 

alchemy: a magical or mysterious transformation or creation


We are so grateful to have discovered Tom's work. We love the color and energy his paintings bring to our home. The paintings are enlivened as light comes through the windows, changing intensity throughout the day.


Janice Lyons, Art Collector


heavenly HARMONY

Tom paints in a sound chamber called the Starlit Hall, inspired by the vibration of the music and the nature around him. The hall is painted as heaven and earth, the exquisite harmony of Creation.

Our soul is composed of harmony


Clients are invited to tour Tom's studio and gallery in Olympia, Washington. Commissions are often reviewed on site in the studio prior to shipping or mid-process.  

My wife and I flew in to see our commissions in person. We had a wonderful afternoon with Tom and Anna. Their property is a natural paradise. Tom's studio is a work of art itself!

Bob Liner, Client


vibrant COLORS


TEXTURE - thick surface textures

COLOR PALETTE - vibrant primary colors 

TOOLS - palette knife, brush, roller, trowell


LIGHT - gold, silver and iridescent fire blue 

VIBRATION - faith + freedom

Art is the contemplation of the world in a state of grace.


Hermann Hesse

embracing GRACE

Tom uses his paints to refract and capture light. He uses iridescence, luminescence, glass, and metal. The earliest texts in the alchemical canons are concerned with imitating pearls, gold, and silver by creating pigments. The exploration of color and light as vibrational energy is the core of his process. Creating his paints allows him to embrace the alchemy. 

Mica metallics are added to the paints and metal inlays applied to the canvas. The metals and paints vary in viscosity and are layered, applied in a sequence to produce emotional and powerful effects. The painting may have heavy texture, luminescence, or crystalline shapes, collaborating with Tom in the process. More than color; they hold the energy and this is felt by the viewer of the finished work of art.


The female figure in GRACE is strong in her conviction - love. She is a paradox - grace in form - with visible metallics (copper and gold) and color applied loosely. The colors and metallics complement and contrast a duality. 


GRACE was sold to Steve and Kathy Dewalt who live in Bellevue, Washington. Both Steve and Kathy are devoted to the arts and to the ultimate creation, nature. They serve on many prestigious art boards. They are now dear friends!



Tom was visited by the Archangel Haniel and was guided to the land where he has built a private estate with his family. He let go of virtually everything material, including his work, to devote himself to his faith - his calling to paint.


Archangel Haniel is known as the angel of joy. She works to direct people who are searching for fulfillment to God, who is the source of true joy. She was the angel that guided Tom and his family to the land that she had been guarding, sacred land. She showed him how to infuse light into raw oils and resins. 

Your frequency determines the amount of light you attract. ANNA BOATRIGHT

Our interior spaces are personal, a reflection of our essence. We believe that everyone can elevate their life.  This is about light and love. Color and symbolism or form create environments that can increase our vibe and those around us. 


My husband and I were traveling with no intention of purchasing art but saw Tom's work in an exhibit and fell in love with his painting Reflection. It was so compelling that we felt we had to have it. We arranged to ship it home and it now graces our living room.


Sandra Frank, Client

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