Collaborate with Tom 

As Tom paints he embraces the energy that moves in him and allows him to create on the canvas. It is a collaboration, raw and refined. It transforms not simply the canvas but the artist and the audience. The experience is physical and psychological. It is alchemical - an evolution from matter to spirit, the conscious to the subconscious. It is an awakening.

When Tom paints commissions he works with art patrons wot clarify their vision. He views the space, in person when possible. Tom and Anna work with on the color, mood and energy desired as well as the subject and the technique. It can be simple or elaborate, based on the art patron. 

Tom paints three paintings, allowing creative freedom. 

"I paint the visions I receive - the beauty of nature and humanity."


Layers of Paint

Tom and his wife, Anna, have a studio, a gallery and creative sound chamber on the property. He paints en plein air at the lower pond. Anna has partnered with him, managing and promoting his art as well as a portfolio of diverse and talented artists. She has a fine art studio, Essence Arts. She works with art patrons on the appropriate scale, color palette and more. 

For commissions, they collaborate in a series of sessions to create a proposal that is then further refined, incorporating the vision of the art patrons as well as the artist. Tom works with Anna to imbue the energy and intention into the canvas and the paint. It is written, sketched and then the paint is layered in stages. The canvas has as many as seven layers of paint, a documented process, captured beneath the surface. 

personal boards2.jpg

Tom and Anna use color palette, metals, light, texture and composition to create mood. The process is fluid. It can be a simple as using blue tape on your wall and finding a painting you love. It can be a fun dive into vision boards and dream boards, color and texture trays. It is your creative project! It should be personal - it is art!!

It is the freedom that matters. There are no rules. It is simply a personal resonance. What do you desire? How do you want to feel? How do you want those in your space to feel? Colors are energy, properties of light. We use colors to create the mood you desire. 

Painting for mood


"We are so grateful to have discovered Tom's work. We love the color and energy his paintings bring to our home. The paintings are enlivened as the light comes through the windows, changing the intensity throughout the day."

Janice Lyons and Rick Ranum, Art Collectors

Michael Croman; American Landscape Painter

“Tom's paintings channel a deep creative force. The vibrance and depth of his paintings from the inception was powerful. He is experimental and free in his technique. ”