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Art is a powerful vessel. It is substance in relation to form. It evokes in us responses that defy rational interpretation. We embrace that. We appreciate aesthetic but we inspire to create an environment that emotes. It produces emotion. We incorporate the harmony of energy in our designs. We with you to envision the perfect piece. Tom paints two paintings: one based on your vision and one with his artistic liberty. You are able to purchase either painting, or both. 

We appreciate that there is a physical reality. There are limitations in our environment. Commissions allow us to address the reality of your space and collaborate on the creation. Tom paints more commissions than straight sales. We have a well rehearsed methodology. Clients often refer to his historic portfolio for inspiration. 


"I awoke, only to see the rest of the world was asleep." Leonardo da Vinci

Make it personal


Kathy Taylor; Client 


“My husband and I purchased one of your beautiful paintings today in Bend. We are both so delighted with it and are having a hard time doing much else but gazing at it. It seems to be alive as the light changes throughtout the day! Thank you for creating such joy!”

Lara Anderson; Interior Designer


“I share with my clients that art doesn't need to match your decor to work. There is a balance of subject, color and texture that inherently works or doesn't work in a space. Sometimes I want a piece to stand alone and really grab your attention and sometimes I simply want to emote a feeling." 

Kirsti Wolfe; Interior Designer


“As an Interior Designer, I try to incorporate original artwork. I love to procure interesting and beautiful pieces for my clients. Original art has an energy, a vitality. It has a dramatic effect on a space."


Erin van der Velde; Tetherow Golf Course 

“I have purchased Tom's paintings for the Event Pavilion and the Resort Lobby. His paintings celebrate nature and Bend has exquisite natural beauty. His use of color and light is exceptional. He is able to offer diverse painting for a variety of spaces."

Carmen May; Children's


“Art has a critical role in hospital environments. Tom's art enhances the space with beauty and depth, providing a distraction from reality.”

Lucky Eagle Casino 


“We commissioned Tom to paint a sunrise with vibrant colors for our 24 luxury suites. The paintings (24 triptychs) were delivered and installed on schedule. We subsequently purchased several large paintings for the lobby. His use of colors and texture is unique and powerful." 

Red Door Design


"Time and time again I turn to the artwork of Tom Boatright for my clients individual needs.  I have found that his work's variety of scale, color and composition works in different homes from contemporary to traditional. He offers such an extensive range that delights and enhances the overall feel of a room."  

Beth Ann McGuire; Client 


"We had purchased Tom's paintings in the Coachella Valley. We love his work and decided to commission him to paint an abstract - the sea floor from our sailboat. We had a series of remote sessions. It feels like the painting is very personal - like we collaborate on a treasure. We love it."

Julie Barnes; Associate


"I wanted to share with you that I saw an image of  your painting 'Belief' and had a pretty crazy reaction to it. I started bawling and couldn't stop. It evoked so many emotions; pain, fear, hope, bittersweet joy, and relief. It made me think of determination, wounds, healing. I don't know how to explain it or why it happened."

Belief is the key to the door

Belief is the union of thought and emotion. It is powerful. Each painting has an energetic blessing. It can be written in symbols or words on the canvas or applied energetically. The canvas and the paint are the containers. The painting of the female figure BELIEF has "Belief is the key to the door -- ENTER" written on the canvas. It is a painting of freedom. It is a painting that I painted with Tom. It was symbolic of our process -- walking away from fear to enter in faith. It is allowing for exquisite passion, feeling. It is embracing the magic and the mystery of our lives. The woman is peering through the glamour and illusion to what is real.

It matters to us

Essence Arts specializes in creating high-vibrational, beautiful corporate and private environments by enhancing spaces with fine art. We collaborate with interior designers and architects, research our network of amazing artists and analyze, coordinate and install harmonious works of fine art. 


Art adds beauty and vibrance, balancing and complimenting the existing design elements. We collaborate with clients on their vision and integrate the appropriate art, producing a cohesive, beautiful space. Whether you have corporate offices, medical facilities or a private residence, we can assist you in achieving perfect harmony and representation.

A couple we met in Sausalito commissioned a large

vertical painting of a female figure. The color palette was cool with prominent blues and bright color accents. The fixtures were silver. Four mica metallic powders were incorporated in the paint (nu silver, pearl, custome silver and magna silver). The metallics capture the diffuse light from the expansive window with subtle light refraction. The balance of white space was critical. Tom was able to deliver a painting to perfectly compliment the space. 

We have a well rehearsed methodology that allows us to align the client's aesthetic and energetic vision with the art. If the client is local or we are travelling we arrange to view the space. If we are remote we incorporate technology. We define the composition, technique and color palette. We figure out what canvas size is appropriate, whether a single canvas, diptych or triptych. We are able to produce a painting that aligns with the vision and the space. 

We facilitate the process from the initial conversation to delivery and installation. We monitor progress and facilitate modifications. We ensure the client is aligned with the project design and if appropriate corporate brand image. Our process is as as critical as the product. We collaborate to create an environment that resonates with the client's intention, enhancing the space with fine art. 

A Bay Area Commission