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Tom Boatright is an established, prominent artist with the trademarks of the masters.

This Equestrian piece is the focal point of a beautiful office space in the ultra-exclusive Madison Club in La Quinta, California

Tom was compelled to paint in 2008, having had a visionary and transformative experience. He emerged from that incident able to feel the emotion and energy of the world. His paintings convey that energy. The canvas is a platform for the energy to surface.

He creates artisan paints from raw oils, resins, pigments, and powders. The viscosity of the paint affects the tools Tom uses. The paint is scraped, rolled, sprayed, pulled, and dropped on the canvas. Tom’s technique is very experimental and fluid. His paintings are intended to be experiential. He incorporates the harmony of energy in his paintings, as well as the appropriate palette and composition. They are an invitation to the imagination – to go beneath the surface.

As the featured artist in the Essence Arts Premier Magazine and having received international recognition, Tom's paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes and commercial spaces. He works extensively with interior designers. Whether a private residence, luxury spa or hospital, his portfolio of diverse techniques, color palettes, luxurious metals, textures and compositional styles make him an ideal resource. He collaborates with his wife, Anna, on large scale projects and commissions. She has an art and design studio in La Quinta, CA that offers fine art consulting services, Essence Arts.

If you're an interior designer or art consultant interested in working with Tom, check out his Designer Price Guide for exclusive rates and proposals curated for designers. His professional background ensures a personalized, efficient process and delivery.

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