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AWAKENING from a dream

A creative vision

Tom had a series of visionary experiences in 2009 in which he received a flood of energy - the essence of love. He paints to convey this energy, the beauty of humanity and nature. The paintings contain intention and emotion. They are created in a flow state, fluid consciousness. The paintings are aesthetically beautiful but the power is in the energy imbued in the paintings - they emote.  

Tom creates artisan oil paints, containers for the energy. He mixes raw oils, resins, pigments, mica metallic and luminescent powders to produce vibrant colors, surface textures, light refraction and organic patterns. He paints an abstract impressionism with an emergent technique. It is a collaboration - the art and the artist. The paints are textural, luminescent, iridescent and crystalline. He creates unique color palettes for each collection.


The paints vary in viscosity and are layered, a series of paintings, applied with palette knife, brush, sponge, sprayed, splattered and poured. The viscosity of the paint produces organic surface textures and light refraction. He paints en plein air at the ponds of his energetic retreat center, Beloved. He has a studio and gallery in Olympia as well as galleries in Colorado, California and New York. 

I awoke only to find the rest of the world was still asleep.

― Leonardo da Vinci


Modern Impressionism;

Emotive Abstracts

Tom has experimenting with various mediums. He deviated from traditional oils to embrace an experimental technique. He is a partner in a technology company and has applied this innovative approach to painting. The artisan oil paints he creates have an exquisite organic nature.  

His emergent method and diverse technique has received national recognition. His paintings grace hundreds of private homes, corporate and commercial spaces. Each painting has a certificate of authentication and statement of the energy and intention embodied.

As a collector I appreciate the art and the investment. My wife and I encountered Tom’s work in Bend. His work captivated us. We flew to his gallery in Olympia to commission a series for the hotel and also purchased several pieces which feature prominently in our home in Chicago. 

― BRUCE SCHULTZ, ART BUYER (Ritz-Carlton; Chicago)

Tom received an award for Spotlight Artist in New York City at the NY Art Expo. The award was recognition of the power of his work, an emergent and emotive style. His intention is to convey an emotion that the audience experiences. It is emotive.

Tom's paintings channel a deep creative force. The depth of his paintings from the inception was a very powerful experience. He is free, as is his art. It is a fluid mastery.



Tom has a studio and gallery at his retreat in Olympia, WA.

It is a natural paradise offering artisan workshops and immersion retreats as well as color and sound experiences.


Galleries and shows for 2019


Tom attends 5-10 shows a year. He has been blessed to be accepted into well established shows and galleries regionally and nationally. In 2019 he will attend Southwest, Bellevue Art Museum, Art on the Green, Sun River, Palo Alto, Sausalito, Mill Valley, Bayou and Cottonwood. In 2019 Tom has opened galleries in Crested Butte and Rochester. He invites patrons to visit him in Olympia at his studio and gallery. 

J. Springer (Divine Water)

“The painting awakened in me emotions that had been dormant. It was as if it was created for me. The serenity of the water is more than the surface. It has exuded an energy that I can feel, as if I had been asleep to my dreams. ”