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I paint the spectrum of light, the energy of love. I paint to convey the beauty of humanity and the natural world, of Creation.


Tom Boatright, Visionary Artist

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Tom began painting through a series of visionary angelic experiences in which he received a flood of light - the essence of love. He paints to convey this energy, the beauty of humanity and nature. His large scale abstract impressionism is meant to provoke and engage on a deep subconscious level. His paintings are emotive, the essence of grace. 


​Tom's subject matter is the natural world and humanity. Tom paints en plein air outside his studio at the ponds of his beautiful nature preserve. Created in a flow state of fluid consciousness, Tom's paintings are aesthetically beautiful but the power is in the light they imbue which is contained within his paints. His paintings are luminous.


Tom's painting range from subtle hues with metal accents to vibrant explosive colors. He creates his paints for each series.


As a collector I appreciate Tom's art and the investment. We commissioned a series for the hotel and for our home. 


Bruce Schultz, Art Buyer for Ritz-Carlton,Chicago


Tom uses his background in technology to create paints for each series. He adds metals and luminescence to raw oils and resins to produce an alchemical phenomenon. Tom creates vivid colors, organic textures, luxurious metals and light refraction. He is inspired by the natural world and luminous nature of light. Tom's emergent method and diverse technique have received national recognition. His paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes and commercial spaces. 

I paint the inspiration I receive for the space, the color and the composition that I envision. 


Tom paints as many commissions as straight sales and has a creative methodology which a very high rate of success. He paints three paintings for each commission, one based on the vision he receives and two based on his client's vision. Commission typically take 6 - 12 weeks. We use a white glove delivery service that can extend the process. Each painting has a certificate of authenticity that discusses the energy, intention, color palette and vision. 


I awoke only to find the rest of the world was still asleep.


Leonardo da Vinci


Tom paints pure abstraction to impressionism on large canvases. His aesthetic is modern luxury inspired by the natural world.

Tom's paintings channel a deep creative force. The depth is a very powerful experience. It is luminous. He has a fluid mastery. 


Michael Croman, American Painters Review



Tom works extensively with designers and architects, whether a private residence or a luxury retreat. His portfolio of diverse techniques, color palletes, luxurious metals, textures and compositional styles makes him an ideal resource. He collaborates with his wife, Anna who has an art and design studio gallery, Essence Arts, that offers fine art curation. 

Tom incorporates the harmony of energy in his paintings, as well as the appropriate palette and composition. His professional background ensures a professional process and delivery. Tom has received national recognition. His paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes and commercial spaces.

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Luxury is when it seems flawless when you reach the right balance between all elements.
Jean Louis-Denoit



Tom has a form of synesthesia and experiences sound as color. He paints in a resonance chamber, the Starlit Hall. Inspired by the vibration of the music and the natural world, he paints in a fluid state of consciousness, entering the etheric realms of sound and light. The hall is painted as Heaven and Earth, symbolic of the exquisite harmony of Creation.


Clients are invited to tour the studio gallery in Olympia. The 100 acre estate is being renovated and will reopen June 1st. It features labyrinths, an organic farm, nature trails, a retreat center as well as arts and crafts studios.

Bespoke commissions are often reviewed on site prior to shipping.

Our soul is composed of harmony.
Leonardo da Vinci

Paintings are personally signed with a certificate of authenticity, statement of the intent, color palette and energy imbued. 


It exudes an energy that I can feel. It is mesmerizing and beautiful. It is like nothing I have seen.

J. Springer, Art Collector

Tom's work is featured in Essence Arts Gallery in the La Quinta Art District of the Coachella Valley. 

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MODERN luxury

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Tom works extensively with interior decorators and architects. He is represented by his wife Anna who owns a fine art studio gallery, Essence Arts. Essence Arts consists of a team of talented, passionate individuals. We manage Bespoke commissions from the initial contact to delivery and installation. We monitor progress and facilitate modifications.


We work extensively to compliment the existing architecture and design elements, respecting your budget and functional requirements. We have done large scale projects but primarily work directly with private clients to create their personal vision. 

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


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ESSENCE ARTS; Fine art services

Using the psychology and physiology of color and form, Anna creates harmonious environments. Color is not a property of objects, contrary to their appearance, but rather how we perceive light. What we actually see are wavelengths of light. Color is essentially energy. Tom's paintings display a mastery of light. They elevate energy. 

We appreciate that the art should align to the design and intention for the space. We are confident that we can incorporate fine art that will provoke the imagination and transform the space. We use our industry background and inspired artists to produce high vibrational, beautiful environments.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. 

Vincent Van Gogh
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