A collaboration with paint

The artisan oil paints that Tom creates allow him to paint a fluid style. He mixes raw oils, pigments, resins, powders and mica metallics to produce vibrant colors, surface textures, light refraction and organic patterns. The paints vary in viscosity and are layered, applied in a sequence, to produce certain effects. The painting may have heavy texture, luminescence or crystalline shapes. They collaborate with him in the process.


More than color; they hold the energy: The paints vary in viscosity and are layered, a series of paintings, applied with palette knife, brush, sponge, sprayed, splattered and poured. The viscosity of the paint produces organic surface textures and light refraction.

"The paints are a prism of color; the vibrations create a light spectrum." 

― Tom Boatight 



Emotion as Energy

The viscosity or consistency of the paint effects the tools Tom uses; a palette knife or traditional brush to pull thick paint, a cloth or sponge to apply fluid paint. The various consistencies of paint are scraped, rolled, sprayed, pulled and dropped on the canvas. Tom's technique is very experimental and emergent. His paintings are intended to be experiential, an invitation to the imagination.


He creates artisan oils with raw oils, resins, pigments and powders. He uses water from the BELOVED ponds in his paintings as well as luminescence and iridescence, metallics and glass. He paints in a fluid state of consciousness. 

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.

― Leonardo da Vinci

Tom's process is alchemical; the paintings effect the artist and the audience. The canvas and paints are the container for the energy. It is an experiential process. If the art resonates, they convey emotion - they emote. It is escapism, through the illusion and glamour, to the real and illusive world beneath the surface. It is an invitation to experience the painting

Tom has a studio and gallery at his retreat in Olympia, WA.

It is a natural paradise offering artisan workshops and immersion retreats as well as color and sound experiences.

J. Springer (Divine Water)

“The painting awakened in me emotions that had been dormant. It was as if it was created for me. The serenity of the water is more than the surface. It has exuded an energy that I can feel, as if I had been asleep to my dreams. ”

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Carl Jung

“The alchemical operations were real, only the reality was not physical but psychological - the rescue of the human soul.”

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