As a collector I appreciate Tom's art and the investment, commissioning a series for the hotel and for our home. His work captivated both my wife and I.


Bruce Schultz, Art Buyer for Ritz-Carlton,Chicago

A Creative Vision

Tom began painting through a series of visionary experiences in which he received a flood of energy - the essence of love. He paints to convey this energy, the beauty of humanity and nature. His paintings contain intention and raw emotion. Creating in a flow state of fluid consciousness, Tom's paintings are aesthetically beautiful and their emotional impact and power deeply felt in the energy imbued.

Tom creates his own artisan oil paints as containers for his vision and each painting's emotional energy. Mixing raw oils, resins, pigments, mica metallics and luminescent powders, Tom draws forth vibrant colors, surface textures, light refraction and organic patterns. The result is magical. He paints an abstract impressionism with an emergent and emotional technique. It is a collaboration and love affair between art and artist. Tom's paints are textural, luminescent, iridescent and crystalline, creating unique color palettes for each collection.


Tom paints en plein air outside his studio at the ponds of his beautiful retreat center named Beloved. Tom has a gallery in Washington State, Colorado, California and New York and is represented by Essence Arts Gallery.

Modern Impressionism & Emotive Abstracts

​Tom's subject matter is consistent - the celebration of the natural world and humanity. He paints ecstacy in the sublte lines of the female form, tranquility in the sheen of water, awe in the organic movement of a petal. In pure abstraction he has painted intentional lines and emotion. His images are meant to provoke and engage the emotions. The beauty of his art is the dynamic of artist, art and audience - the flow of energy. 


Experimenting with various mediums, Tom has moved from traditional oils to embracing an experimental technique with hand-crafted paints unique to his work. The artisan oil paints he creates have an exquisite organic nature.


Tom's emergent method and diverse technique has received national recognition. His paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes as well as beautify and energize corporate and commercial spaces. Each painting has a certificate of authentication and statement of the energy and intention embodied.

Tom's paintings channel a deep creative force. The depth is a very powerful experience. It is fluid mastery.


Michael Croman, American Painters Review

Tom Boatright

Tom has been blessed to be accepted into well established shows and galleries regionally and nationally. In 2019 he attended Southwest Polo Grounds, Bellevue Art Museum, Art on the Green, La Quinta, Sun River, Sausalito, Bayou, Cottonwood and opened galleries in Crested Butte and Rochester. Tom invites patrons to visit him in Olympia at his studio and gallery. 

It exudes an energy that I can feel, as if I had been asleep to my dreams. The painting awakened in me emotions that had been dormant. The serenity of the water is more than the surface.

J. Springer